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Phishing and Other Social Engineering Concerns

Almost every day there is a news story about this company or that individual having their personal or confidential information hacked.  Because we live in a connected world, with so much data being stored about us on the Internet and in private databases, everyone should be concerned about keeping their data secure. Security takes on two sides: technology providing security Continue Reading...

Building Better Network Security

Securing a business network has become more challenging over the years as the threats to a small business has increased.  Small businesses used to think that hackers were not interested in their data, so it is not as important for a small company to invest in network security.  The opposite is actually true, that small companies are a big target Continue Reading...

Internet Speeds Start to Change the Cloud Landscape

One of the largest hurdles for businesses is to move their computer infrastructure to the cloud — essentially moving their servers to data centers — has been the speed and reliability of the Internet connections serving their offices.  Users are accustomed to connectivity that is generally 1 gigabit per second (gb/s) or 1,000 megabit per second (mb/s).  Even when users Continue Reading...

Adding Value to Your Business with Technology

I attended a conference recently on the topic of adding value to your business.  Every business will have to transition ownership at some point in it’s life and a business owner is going to want to create as much corporate value as possible.  Obviously a track record of profitability, growth and excellent service is essential, but there is much to Continue Reading...