The Stimulus Technologies Team

Stimulus Technologies was founded in 1995 with the commitment to supply high quality service to our customers, and to provide our employees a professional, safe, fun, and learning environment.

Our Stimulus Family is formed by individuals with different professional backgrounds, and extensive experience on Technology, Customer Service, Innovation, Marketing, Accounting and Management fields. We’d like to introduce you to your IT Professionals.

Management Team

Nathan WhittacreNathan Whittacre – President and CEO
Nathan Whittacre is the Founder and CEO of Stimulus Technologies; originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1988, making our city his new hometown. Before becoming our leader, Nathan, a born entrepreneur, founded his first business at age 11 when he started and ran a candy store for two years from his home. With a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science, Nathan founded Stimulus Technologies in 1995 with a goal to provide high technology solutions for his customers. His passion for innovation, analyzing hard issues, creating solutions and fixing problems has created a portfolio with a wide variety of Information Technology skills. When Nathan is not helping his customers or narrating stories of his missionary work in Peru, he enjoys spending time with his wife and five children, camping, running, biking, volunteering at church and flying his airplane.

Kauana Jackson – Accounting Manager
Kauana Jackson is Stimulus Technologies’ Accounting Manager. She joined our team in November 2011, bringing over 15 years of management and financial experience with a bachelor’s in financial planning and counseling from Brigham Young University. Kauana’s knowledge and experience working with telecommunication companies allows her to offer exceptional customer service and understand our customers’ needs. Originally from Kailua, Hawaii, Kauana moved to Las Vegas in 1997. She received a master’s of business administration from University of Nevada Las Vegas. Kauana also spent time doing missionary work in Peru and loves Peruvian cuisine. When Kauana is not working with our customers or keeping us organized, she enjoys spending time with her husband and four children, playing tennis, cycling, sewing and reading.

Stimulus Technologies - Brian Alwood Brian Alwood – Director of Technical Operations
Brian Alwood is Stimulus Technologies’ Director of Technical Operations. He joined the Stimulus Technologies team three years ago bringing over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, management and customer service field. Brian attended UNLV for Computer Science and worked for Dell as a trainer for five years. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Brian enjoys taking into new complex projects, completing tickets and forming long term relationships with our customers. When he is not at work Brian likes spending time with his family, camping, hiking and biking.

Taryn Copeman – Operations Coordinator
Taryn Copeman joined the Stimulus Technologies team in April 2014 as the new Operations Coordinator. Taryn brings eight years of managing and planning experience in the hospitality, retail and distribution industries. Taryn moved to Las Vegas in 1991 from Southern California. After spending a couple of years in Denver, Colorado where she met her husband and their son was born, the family moved to Las Vegas in 2012. Taryn’s goals are to build long lasting relationships with our customers, assist the technical staff with scheduling and coordination and continue to improve Stimulus Technologies’ customer service department. When Taryn is not planning or deploying new projects, she enjoys spending time with her family, taking her son out for walks and exploring new places.

Kaid Whipple – Systems Engineer

FB_IMG_1465403523888Kaid Whipple joined the Stimulus team in February 2016. He is originally from Alamo, NV and has lived in Nevada his entire life, except for the 2 years he lived in NJ serving a mission for his Church. Kaid has always enjoyed working on and with computers since adolescence.  He has been involved in the technology service industry since 1994 where he began as a help-desk technician in the UNLV library. While finishing his Bachelor’s degree at UNLV, he co-founded Saber Technologies, LLC in May, 2000 where for the past 16 years he learned a great deal about servicing and caring for customer’s needs. Kaid is proud to be an UNLV alumnus and to continue to give to his community. He is married to his college sweetheart and they spend most of their time (and money) raising 3 very active and involved children.

Cathy Pool – Accounting Manager

Cathy Pool joined the Stimulus Technologies team in October 2016 bringing over 15 years of experience as a full charge bookkeeper.  She grew up in the Los Angeles area where she went to school for Film Making at Los Angeles City College.  After working in accounting in both Public Relations and the Fashion industry, she married and had 2 beautiful children.  She then started her own Jewelry Design company.  Cathy relocated to the Henderson area in 2008 where she worked as an Accounting and Office Manager for another local IT firm before coming to Stimulus.  When not bringing sensational customer service to our clients, she enjoys spending time with her family, being active, vacationing, reading and boating.

Customer Relations Team

Leslie Johnson – Business Development Specialist 
Originally from Texas, Leslie grew up in the oil field country, surrounded by amazing family, where riding her bike until sunset and attending world famous football games in a country side full of sports lovers was the norm. She joined the Stimulus team in 2015 as the Inside Sales and Marketing Specialist. Before settling here in Las Vegas, she graduated from New Mexico State University with an emphasis in Design and Marketing. Her background is primarily Marketing, but she also enjoys the rewards of fundraising and sales. Leslie has a natural ability to meet new people. In her youth, she created a flyer and distributed them around her neighborhood; as a pet and house sitter, she earned enough funds to go on multiple trips with her classmates and sports trips to regionals and nationals. She has a heart the size of Texas for building community among the people she comes in contact with. When she is not learning about technology and how it can benefit our customers, she spends her time with her women’s group from church, writing, posting on social media, running with her dogs, and racing in triathlons.

Lindsey Montgomery –  Inside Sales 

LMLindsey joined the Stimulus Technologies Team in October of 2016 as the Inside Sales Specialist. Originally from Sumner, WA she moved to Las Vegas, NV in 2011 for a change of pace and scenery with her now fiancé who also works in the IT Industry. She started her career as a receptionist/dispatcher for a Dental MSP and has worked her way up to a Sales position at Stimulus in hopes of helping clients stay competitive in their market through continuously ensuring they are taking advantage of new technology. Lindsey spends her time off baking, reading, catching movies or taking her dogs to the dog park with her fiancé.

Sky Williams – Customer Care Assistant
2016-06-21 11.24.47Sky is originally from California.  She recently moved to Las Vegas from Atlanta Georgia. Sky graduated college in 2011 with a B.S. in computer network management. Her hobbies are cooking and reading about other cultures. Interesting fact about Sky is she has traveled to 44 of the 50 states and has taken over 20 road trips. She have two younger sisters and a younger brother, a miniature husky and a jack russell. She loves dogs and meeting new people. She always tries to make people either laugh smile or both.  When you call Stimulus, you’ll have the joy of speaking with Sky to start the process of solving any technology problem you may have.

Internet Services Technical Team

Kyle Hood – Senior Technician RF Engineering
Kyle Hood joined the Stimulus Technologies Metro Ethernet team in November 2012, bringing over 7 years of experience in radio frequency engineering, broadband network build up and wireless communications. Born and raised in Hermosa Beach and Browns Valley, California, Kyle spent six years in the United States Armed Forces before moving to Las Vegas in February 2005. Kyle enjoys helping customers troubleshoot issues and building new network sites. His hobbies are working on cars, cooking, martial arts and competitive gaming.

Stimulus Technologies - Michael MaddyMichael Maddy –Senior Technician Networking
Michael Maddy is Stimulus Technologies’ Senior Network Engineer. Michael was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He attended College of Southern Nevada for Mechanical Engineering and has experience in Project Management including 10 years in the Army Corps of Engineers. His love for computers and technology has developed into his career. Michael enjoys expanding his technical knowledge through hands-on work and real world applications. Michael runs a Subaru enthusiast community boasting a large annual car show and 1000+ members.

Jon Jones – Assistant RF Technician

Jon Jones joined the Stimulus Technologies Metro Ethernet team in 2016, he taught himself everything he knows about computers. For someone who is new to radio frequency engineering, broadband network build up and wireless communications he caught on very fast. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and moved to Las Vegas at the age of 2. He and his wife welcomed their first child in 2016. With a new motivation to be a father he has put most of his time to master all there is to know about the Metro Ethernet side of our company. He loves taking broken equipment apart and figuring out the issues and repairing them to their former glory. Jon enjoys competitive gaming, cliff jumping, and is a musician at heart who mastered the drums at a young age.

VoIP  Technical Team

Nick Rosario – Linux Technician
Nick joined the Stimulus Technologies team in September 2014 bringing experience in computer and phone security. Nick attended The College for Business Finance and then transitioned to Psychology. His technical skills developed from trial and error and general enthusiasm for computers. Nick is published in computer security journals on the subject of phone security. Nick’s favorite part of his job is learning how new technology works. In his free time, Nick practices martial arts, writes and continues to learn about phone security and home automation.

Managed Services Technical Team

Antonio Carello – Systems Administrator
Antonio brought over 15 years of professional IT experience to Stimulus when he joined the team in 2015.  He has a passion for making networks work perfectly so that his clients love technology.  He is a creative problem solver and loves mentoring others in a small team setting.  Antonio also enjoys designing, implementing and maintaining complex and scalable systems, including Windows, Linux and telephony systems.  He is known around the office as the client whisperer, as he has the ability to solve just about any problem to the complete satisfaction of the clients.

Aaron Fletcher – Jr. Systems Administrator

Aaron FletcherAaron started my IT career as a Database Administrator right out of school for a telecommunications call center.  With a background in database theory and managed services, he was promoted to network support and eventually IT Administrator where he managed over 100+ computers, dialers, and servers at the call center. Aaron was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and has not lived anywhere else. Drumming since 4 years old, he turned professional at 19-24 and toured the country playing in a rock band. He also enjoys hiking with his girlfriend and dog on the weekends and watching the newest action movie at the theater.  Aaron’s passion for IT grew from helping his dad build computers on the side for his construction company and from the curiosity of wanting to know how things worked. He takes this passion and drive for IT to Stimulus and build a solid foundation Stimulus’ clients.

Chris Quick – Jr. Systems Administrator
Chris Quick - Jr. Systems AdministratorChris Quick joined Stimulus Technologies team in March of 2015 as an intern, straight out of college from ITT Technical Institute as a fresh mind, eager to learn technology. Born and raised in California, he left there and moved to Las Vegas to be more around his family in late 2012. Chris enjoys going to the dog park with his golden retriever and working on his car in his spare time. Stimulus is raising Chris in the world of IT after being a chef for 10 years’ prior; Chris went from flipping pancakes to setting up and configuring computers for our clients.

Dean Narimatsu – Jr. Systems Administrator
Dean joined the team in December 2015, bringing over 10 years of experience in the technology industry.  Born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii, he graduated from Hawaii Community College with a degree in marketing and moved to Portland, Oregon, where he resided for 12 years.  Dean has been living in Las Vegas since 2013.  He also DJ’s at local bars and clubs, enjoys watching Mixed Martial Arts competition, traveling and eating at new restaurants with his wife.  He is also better known as the IT Ninja.

Kelly Sinnott – Jr. Systems Administrator
kellyKelly joined Stimulus Technologies in November of 2015 as a Jr. System Administrator. She is originally from Las Vegas, but went to college and grad school in California for neuroscience. She has always had a passion for computers and technology as a hobby and made this into her career. Her hobbies are reading, socializing with friends, and gaming.



Ken Chupinsky – Jr. Systems Administrator
Ken ChupinskyKen joined the Stimulus Technologies’ team in 2015 bringing 8 years of technical experience from his service in the US Navy as an IT and Radioman. His fascination with computers and technology and dedication to solving problems serves as drive to do technology right. He is currently attending UNLV for Computer Engineering. His hobbies include competitive gaming and trying to train his Bulldog Boss.


Nate Jensen – Jr. Systems Administrator

NateNateNathan Jensen joined the Stimulus Technologies team in December 2016, bringing 5 years of technical experience to the team. Originally from Valparaiso, IN , he has called Henderson his home for the past 13 years. In his time in Henderson, Nate learned excellence in customer service in a number of retail management roles. Seeking to find a career he was passionate about, Nate attended the College of Southern Nevada for computer sciences and network engineering. Since then he has previously served numerous i.t. roles in the financial and insurance industries. When Nate is not vanquishing computer issues or deploying new projects, he enjoys spending time with his family on adventures, cooking, gaming and music. Grateful to be part of an amazing team, Nate makes sure that all his clients enjoy customer service with a special touch that has become customary at Stimulus Technologies.

Fred Primm – Jr. Systems Administrator

Fred joined Stimulus Technologies in October of 2016, bringing 6 years’ experience in technical support. Fred got his Associate’s Degree in Network Engineering from Asher Collage, and holds 5 IT certifications. He is born and raised in Las Vegas, and has previous working experience in sales, and retail were his customer service skills were trained. In spare time Fred is watching sports ,movies , TV, playing video games.

Alex Thammavongsa – Jr. Systems Administrator

Alex joined Stimulus Technologies in October 2016 with over 4 years technical experience with an Associate’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.Born and raised in San Francisco, California, he is first generation Laotian-American and has lived in Las Vegas for the last 12 years.
In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his family, play with his dog, listen to music and workout.
He is also a major sports fan and roots for the San Francisco 49ers, San Francisco Giants and Golden State Warriors.


Brandon Howarth – Help Desk Technician

Brandon Howarth joined Stimulus Technologies’ Help Desk team in October of 2016, bringing his unique skill set to the help bench. Although Brandon has been working and building computers for 7 years, this is his first professional role in the IT industry. Brandon’s history in the maintenance and the customer service industries offers him a unique outlook on user issues. Brandon’s favorite part of the job is assisting clients with hard issues and repairing computer hardware. Born and Raised in Las Vegas, Brandon enjoys competitive 3 gun shooting and hiking the red rock trails.