Purchase vs Renting VoIP Phones

Stimulus Technologies offers the option to purchase or rent IP phones to use with your new VoIP phone system.

Why Purchase?

  • One Year Manufacturer’s warranty.
  • One time cost to purchase and install phones.
  • Good for companies with in house IT that can take care of support.
  • Capital instead of operating expense.

Why Rent?

  • Unlimited Remote and Onsite Support – Stimulus Technologies will fully manage your phone equipment. Includes changes to extensions, voicemail setup, over the phone and onsite troubleshooting, reassigning phones from one team member to the other or moving phones to a new location.
  • Unlimited Warranty – For as long as you continue to rent the phones. We will replace your phone due to wear and tear or manufacturer’s defects.
  • Adjustable Contracts – You can add or remove phones from your plan as needed depending on your business needs.
  • Low upfront cost.
  • Operating instead of capital expense.